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September 11, 2010


John Kim

You got a lot of fiery skippers in that backyard photo. Well photography is definitely a great way to express yourself. I'm finding it to be a very technical art form, but I'm still young and I have many more years to perfect the craft.

Kim Watson

You sure ROCK'D your macro lens Suzy...these photos are SUPER!

Krista Nash

I think those turned out amazing! A site I like is www.dps.com (I think). If that doesn't work, Google "Digital Photography School". It's a site run out of Australia and hosts a bunch of great photographers. They have endless articles and lots of challenges. I signed up to get the daily email. So whatever article they do each day, I get it in my inbox. They have helped me immensely. They are also very easy to read and follow. Not too long either.


I really liked these photos, great job. I love taking pictures of trees especially in the fall.

Megan Hoeppner

Stunning photos, Q!


love these!! isn't becker the best?? i love his work.

Tania Cagney

Macro shots are a little difficult to master, but when you get a hang of it, you won't stop taking macro pics. I love the picture of the bee on the flower and the bokeh on the background is just fantastic. Every photographer has his own techniques in macro photography, as in my case, I use extension tubes on my Soligor zoom lens taken from a film camera. It would be wonderful if you share your techniques too, hehe.

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