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September 08, 2010


Megan Hoeppner

Whaaaa! Why can't summer last and last? I think it's awesome that you went to Disneyland with your girls, but I'm sorry it ended so badly for you.

BTW, love the water slide pic. Very fun! :)

Keshet Shenkar

Looks like a great summer!


Your kids are lucky to go back so late. My kids have been back for 3 weeks now. Great pictures and it's sad when summer is over but I like the quiet days and my routine back now and the kids are happy going back to school. Sorry to hear your DW trip wasn't fun but good that you liked the water one. Hope to see some of your pages soon.

Amanda Fuentes

Oh dear, Suzy. I'm afraid I can no longer read you blog. How can you say you hate Disneyland?! How can you go to Disneyland and NOT post at least a photo?....... Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, you could always post a picture of the Teacups (tell me you got a picture of the Teacups!) and I might change my mind... :)


sorry DL didn't work out... but that first shot from wild rivers rocks! fun fun fun!!


This is my 1st time in your blog and the 1st thing I read is " I *hate* Disneyland" GASP!!!! What??! And how can you skip ToonTown??!! OMGosh!! My ears!!!! You got sick because the *haters* cant possibly have fun in that magical place. It's going to be so hard to come back to your blog. LOL! Just kidding, I'm gonna continue to come back...and maybe make you love Disneyland.

I've never been to Disneyland (seen pictures) but I have been millions of times in DisneyWorld Orlando and I do have to say that as per what I've seen they are very different, I dont think I'd like Disneyland (as much as) after being to the Orlando Parks. So next time come down to Orlando and please go o Toon Town!!!

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