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June 12, 2010



LOL Suzy!! Laura told me how funny you are :) You are a riot! And this is a cute card!!!


Your personality shines through your projects! (I know I barely know you, LOL) Beautiful card!!!

mary t

man you hit the 40's to a tee!!!

nichol magouirk

what a darling card! love it!

sarah de guzman

how cute of you guys to do that! :)

great card!


laura vegas

love ya susy! i just knew that you'd be the one to totally make fun of turning 40 ... and you didn't let me down. lol! i've seen some of these changes already, and it's not funny. lol! your card is just adorable ... fun and colorful, just like you! thanks so much for making my big day even more special ... and for being such a fun and great friend!

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