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June 28, 2010


 sarah de guzman

saw that in the latest CK. :) wish that this was out when i was a teen -- then i would've played! :)

have a wonderful day!



Love to create, definitely got that gene, but I'm missing the one that wants to enter contests. I don't know. Everything is so fun right now and I'm not sure I want to make it seem like work, you know deadlines and such. I'm blissfully swimming in my ignorance that the people who love me love my art; strangers may not be so kind and to hear my art isn't good, that all I hold dear sucks would kill me. I hear that tough outer shell develops in the 10th grade so I have a couple years. I have some stuff I made for Karen, but always chicken out in the end, then I have to hide it so my well meaning mum doesn't take the initiative and drive it to the Oasis herself. You know what? This is work! I can't win. So what was the winning name? Because I made a book for your daughter (that I'll probably be too scared to send) and I'd like to personalize it. Yeah, it's hard being me. Please don't block me.


When I was asking about the name I was refering to the hamster, you got that right?

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