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May 25, 2010



Happy Anniversary! Your photos are so much fun and so much love shines in both of your eyes!!

Life is very good....


how cool, today is our wedding anniversary too :) congrats :) :)

Lisa VanderVeen

I TOTALLY remember that heart one w/ the ribbons. OMG was that from when we were Masters?

Cindy S

Woohoo!! Happy Anniversary! I LOVE each and every one of these LOS. You NEVER-EVER (like seriously-NEVER!!LOL) fail to inspire me! TY, Suzy!


So cute!! Happy anniversary!! You two are adorable!


happy anniversary to the soulmates! <3

Keshet Shenkar

Happy Anniversary! Love these pages:)


Awww, you are so sweet. Thank you for such a nice post on 12 years of us.

I love you too....and I married up! Happy Anniversary!



I love love all these layouts can't even pick a favorite. I like how different they all are and the true happiness and fun in taking them. Happy Anniversary Suzy and Tom!!


cute layouts. i ♥ them! happy anniversary!

Maggie Holmes

love it suz!! you guys are the cutest!! happy anniversary!! love ya girl!


Happy Anniversary! I was thinking how sweet and loving your post was, went to leave a comment and then saw Tom's sweet comment to you. You two are adorable!!

Rene' Sharp

Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!! Also thought Tom's comment is super cute. My hubby & I have also been married for 12 years. Enjoy your weekend!! x

Kim Watson

Very happy anniversary Susy! You two make a gorgeous, happy couple! BTW! Love your projects, they are always so cheerful & bright. Hugs!


Happy Anniversary! I love your pages and the photo's are priceless. Your love for each other shines in each photo. Have a wonderful weekend!

Victoria in Ohio

Happy Anniversary to teh 2 of you! you look so happy - nice layouts!! the 25th of May was our 25th anniversary!

cindy tobey

Happy Anniversary!

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