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May 19, 2010



oh! I get to be first! (I've always wanted to say that). I honestly don't know how you can choose a 'favorite layout of all time'..as all your layouts are spectacular, lol! I'd love to win this magazine, what fun summer reading that would be..


Would love to win;) And just watched Collin's video on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. HOLY crap that guy is HILARIOUS!! I cannot believe he did that without cracking up. SO awesome!! You guys must have a blast together:)

Gwen L.

This looks like such a great issue, your layout is awesome! I love the technique. I'm going to have to track this issue down one way or another... I have tons of patterned and diecut paper and I'm always looking for ideas.

Melanie Gleisner

Would love to win a copy of this - LMHO about the video - thanks for the laughs!!!


That book looks great, I'd love to win!


I love your layout! I would love to win the mag!


Ooo, another book from CK! How fun - love your LO btw!
Off to see who this Collin character is all about! LOL!
Thanks for the link & the opportunity :)

Susan M

What a fun looking book! I would love to win a copy!!


this looks like fun.


I'm seriously going to check out Lizzy's blog now! YOU are hilarious too! Thanks for making me giggle! :)


So cool! Thanks! Jen L


love that layout Suzy and I wish I could have your handwriting!!!!


This is my first time commenting - I kind of just lurk around your blog :) Love your layouts and keep coming back to get inspired! Would love to win a copy of the book!


That video is hilarious!!!


This book looks great. Thanks for having this giveaway. I love Lizzy too.

Patty C

This book looks so great -- here's hoping you pick me!


That video was hilarious!Thanks for the laugh.

Lori Renn

Hi Suzy! Hope all is well with you! I LOOOOOVE that layout, I mean wow! :)


I LOVE this page so much! I'm sooo hoping I win this book. I have more paper than I know what to do with!


Hope to win as I NEED to buy more paper, but hesitate when I already have so much. This book should help me use more so I can buy more, right?


OMG,I have to write a boring 6 page paper on history. To get myself hyped up about sitting here for the next two days I thought I would check out your blog, again. The Colin video is hysterical. Thanks for the giggles!


I can see why you love this layout...It's a lot of fun! Always up for paper using ideas! Thanks


Would sure like to win this book. Have to say Collin did a great Parody. I could not stop laughing.

Cynthia B.

Wow - I love your layout!! Hope I win the issue so I can read the description of how you did it. Plus, learning creative ideas on how to use that paper stash is a good thing.
And...the video is hilarious! I saw it on Liz's blog, and I wondered what you thought of it. All in good fun. :D

Laura Stewart

looks great!

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