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April 22, 2010



I love these pictures!!!
Mayzie is so funny the way
she stares at Cheerio! One time
we were holding Cheerio and Mayzie
wasn't paying any attention to us,
only the hamster's cage!


yay hugh - good job on staying "medium"!! i think you earned that cookie, my friend!


Omgosh - laugh out loud photos. fun! And YAY for MUGH, not HUGH!


I'm so happy to hear all is good with "MUGH" I like that name. It must be such a relieve to know your doing better. Love the hamster pictures he's very active and nice teeth on him. The name cheerio is such a cute name, never thought of that but will tell my kids for future use if needed. Have a great weekend, hope it's warm and sunny for you.


I love that name Cheerio! I'm glad you got part of your gifts... sorry for the mix up.

Kimberly C.

Yay!!! That's AWESOME news! Thanks for sharing.

Judith PInon-Menendez

Great news!!! Glad that Hugh is not huge. Cute name for the hamster.


I'm so glad to hear your happy news!!!!!!

Mary Ann

I'm happy to hear your good news!!


You are just amazing, truly amazing. I continue to pray for you and I was so happy to hear He sent some happy news your way! I love this picture too! So sweet!

laura vegas

for a minute there, i was thinking "who the heck is hugh?". lol! i'm so glad that you got good news ... was thinking of you last week :)

and such cute photos of your pets. mayzie is adorable! and your hamster looks so tiny ... ours is huge. good idea on the cheerios for snacks. our's is so neglected ... i only give him a few nuts (after YOU mentioned it), and a carrot. how bad of a pet owner am it ;)

Mary Toth

awesome news girlfriend!! keep the good vibes going..
so happy for you,
mary t

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