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April 16, 2010



wow! suzy can u tell us a bit more about what exactly you do eat. do you make omlettes? just curious how this works (and if i can do it too :) )

Connie tacazon

I've seen similar lists so I think this is valid. I think I'm going to try this with you, been feeling real bloated lately. Please post/share recipe resources. Outside of stir fry and fresh salads I don't know what else to make. Good luck and thanks for the motivation.


Count me in!!!

Judith PInon-Menendez

I would love to try this adventure/change in life style with you. I too have been struggling with my weight and been looking for a way to take control. Please keep sharing the great ideas.


I've been eating "clean" since November - lost 11 pounds - and actually eat every single item on that list of 10 plus some. I don't think eating only those foods IS good for you, but it sounds like a fun challenge and a way to get new foods into your diet. I have 8 weeks of my own personal meal plans (I make a new one each week so I can go to the grocery store with a good list) if you'd like any copies. I also recommend Clean Eating magazine for a few months to get on track, and they provide 2 weeks worth of meal plans each issue. I think you should also get Tosca Reno's book as it simply explains the whole clean eating lifestyle. The thing is, I am never hungry, never weak, and as I said, 11 pounds, melted away.


Oh - and PS restrictive calorie diets are some of the worst things one can do, the key is to rev up your metabolism. I promise, if you eat 1500-1700 calories per day, do some exercise each week (and I know you do), and eat FIVE small meals a day, mixing your carbs WITH proteins, you too will have incredible results.


Good for you! Keep up the good work!


Suzy--I applaud you. I'd be soooo sad to not eat bean burritos though!

But I haven't been feeling good and this may be just the ticket.


I have terrible eating habits! It is easy to fall to unhealthy snacking and meals, though, when in a hurry or just very hungry or lazy. We fall into those habits often! :) I also snack more than eat meals, which is quite unhealthy I know. :P

Christine B.

Great idea! Thanks for the recipe suggestions! Maybe I'll start this too. I have been thinking about cutting out all the sugar & crap too. I love this selection of foods too because they're not crazy weird or hard to find/expensive. And I eat these foods pretty regularly too (with the sweets/crappy food added in, of course)

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