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March 11, 2010


Jennafer M

I like "Treat" but it's not as cute as she is. So...many...choices.... Serious ones like Mallory or Jessica. Or, cutesy ones like Sprout or Cricket or Peanut. What's the other hamster's name? If we could make them a pair in their names that could be fun too. Just some thoughts from little ol me.

Kim J.

I think she looks like a Buttercup. Then, if she gets porky, you can start calling her Butterball. :D It's like getting two names in one.


Is she a mouse? I have a few over here if you would like some sisters for her! She is cute though. Love the picture of her and Mayzie looking at each other!!!
Look at her cute little hand(paw?) clutching onto the cage!!!


How about Zhu Zhu! She looks like a little Zhu Zhu pet!! I had a female hampster when I was in college. I had to force her to not be nocturnal. it wasn't easy! oh, and at first i thought she was a boy and his name was Pee Wee, then I discovered she was a girl, and I named her Penelope. I mostly called her Smelly Nelly! Have fun! :)


ahhh, that's one cute little rodent! <3 hmmm - i think since it is chloe's rodent, she gets to pick the name. mayzie is smart - she'll figure it out! love the pecan picture.

laura vegas

i have NO name suggestions for you ... since i used them all for the hamster that my girls just got. lol! they spent 2 weeks trying to figure out a name, and finally settled on "buddy".


i love you, suzy, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. her name would be DEAD here ;)



Kristi Smith

lol @ Kelly. Not a fan of hamsters but I think she is quite cute. ;)

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