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March 20, 2010



Thank you for sharing...life is indeed magical.

Lisa VanderVeen

Love you darlin. Did you ever get your oatmeal cookie??? Off to get the magical dents in my car taken care of :) XO


You are AMAZING! Thank you....


WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this... I too believe love is a choice, but needed a reminder that happiness is a choice, too. Thank you!


THANK YOU !!! for sharing your story !! You truly are amazing !!! xxxx Tina



I don't know you except through scrapbooking. I've bought a few of your kits at the Oasis because I love your style. I have always loved your blog b/c not only do you share your scrapbook pages (which are always awesome) but also, because you share part of your life with us. I loved your blog already, now I do even more.

I've had more tragedy this year than any other. My oldest son was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer. We are at Childrens in Los Angeles more than we ever at home (in San Luis Obispo). Today, marks the 23rd day in a row that we've been in the hospital due to him being in transplant. I look at LIFE so differently now too. I also no longer assume people have perfect lives...you never know what someone else is going through. Thank you for sharing your story..

I wish you the best with your treatment and hope for no growth on your upcoming MRI.

with love and hope,

karen borges
[email protected]

Leslie G

Wow! Who knew? You are amazing (I have always thought that though) and to hear all that you have been gong through -- Wow!! thank you for sharing your blessed life... my philosophy is a bit different from yours "things happen for a reason" -- you are there because your neighbor needs you. . .your family is there because you need them -- etc. Love you and your positive outlook -


Thinking of you and wishing you the best! I definitely admire taking on life with the approach that you have:)

Nikki M

No sympathy, I promise but a big shout out to you for being so open, honest, and life-loving. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration in your LOs and in your blog posts. I haven't been a subscriber for very long, but so glad that I am. Bless you and please update if you feel like sharing.

Cary Vanos

Suzy, I have always loved your blog and your obvious positive and happy outlook on life. Not to mention your fantastic scrapbook pages! I am sorry for what you have been going through, but I love your attitude about it all. I couldn't agree with you more. My son was diagnosed with autism last week, and while it wasn't a shock it was still so sad and heartbreaking. I spent a night like you did, crying in pain. I gave myself that one night to feel sad for me and for him, but I also believe that happiness is a choice and that life is indeed magical. I love to find the magic in the everyday. Thank you so much for your brave, honest and uplifting post.

lori renn

I thought I would just sign on and look at pretty blogs before going to church. Little did I know I'd have tears running down my face and feel my heart burst with joy and inspiration. I thank you for sharing, Suzy and I will lift you up in my prayers. We all have so many challenges to deal with in life but instead of letting those things define us and get us down we must see them as gifts. Wishing you so much joy!

Victoria in Ohio

WOW! That was just the wake up call i needed to hear this morning. You are so right and life is too short. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and have 2 young daughters. I have appreciated life more this past year too, but will even more starting NOW! THanks for that inspiration and i will pray that your tumor will not only not grow but will shrink and go away - if it would be God's will. I will purpose (with God's help) to live more, love more, forgive more and enjoy more! Love the LO too - so cheery and fun!


What a beautiful post. You are an inspiration!!!!!


Life is beautiful, and precious. I am not able to live the life I had imagined (infertility) but am embracing the life I have.

Good for US! And you last comment about making pretend you never said anything... SO me.


Hope you found something magical to do yesterday!! I am sure you did!

Glad you shared your feelings.....must have felt good to write it all out and don't be embarrassed, we all think you are fab no matter what!!!

So lucky to have you in my life!!!
chat soon!

Judith PInon-Menendez

Thank you for sharing. I also go to your blog for inspiration but now I will also look forward to inspiration in how I choose to live my life. Thank you for the wake up call. I always knew that it was magical but I need to remind myself each day how luck I am for my life.

Wishing luck in your next MRI and please do share more of your self in your blog.


suzy i just wanted to say thank you for sharing all this and you are always such a happy person. it's obvious from your posts, your layouts and seeing you in person. It is always the one thing I remember about you, how much joy you exude and how contagious it is when people are around you. thank you for reminding me that it's a choice and that you practice it and choose it daily. if i can be even 50% as happy and joyful as you, I know my life would be magical. thank you for sharing and thank you for being you.

Kimberly C.

You're MAGICAL!!!

Liz kartchner

you already know how much I love you... Just didn't know I could adore you even more!! xoxo

Rene' Sharp

Thanks for sharing your story with us Suzy. It certainly does make you more a "real" person to all of us. Sorry that you have been going through such a hard time, but the bottom line is that you have come out a better person at the end of it. I do try and live each day being grateful for all that I have. Your post has made me realise that I do need to try and "live" more and get out there and do more things. Life is too short to just sit at home all the time!


Thank you for your story, and the reminder to enjoy life! You are an inspiration!
A Kiwi fan


Bless your soul...You keep doing what you do and believe IT, GOD is mighty. He takes care of the talented scrapbookers.

Jennifer Camplin

First of all thank for share this post. I have been lurker on this blog..

all happy pages posted I have seen.

I just know that we all (everybody) no way to have perfect happiness life.
We all have up/down times.

With you well with health going on. Hugs.

Thank for wonderful LO's and all that you have show here.

amanda fuentes

Wow, you are an amazing woman! Just through your pages and blog you are so right that you are the "perfect O.C. Housewife"! Truly sorry for all the sorrows you shared, but you more than make up for it in the way you live LIFE! Thank you so much for sharing! Prayers and blessings for you and your family.

laura vegas

it's nice to get to see the personal side of you a bit. but one would never know that you've been going through these hard times. you really do have a love for life, and it shows in your spunky personality and your fun layouts! will be thinking and praying for you :)

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