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March 24, 2010



You girls have way too much fun over there!! Hope Monster Suzy calls for her MRI soon!!! Have fun buying all your veggies today! Must feed HUGH healthy things only!


This is SOOO funny!

Lisa VanderVeen

OMG you are the BIGGEST dork I know. And that is why I love you ever so much :)

laura vegas

you are seriously funny, suzy!


OMG Suzy that was the funniest video I have seen in ages. I loved Sophie's eyebrows at the end of the video - cracked me up!! BTW, Hugh sucks and he should just go away!!


Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at your silly video!!!!! Too funny!!

lori renn

Hilarious! A little creepy but still hilarious! :) Keep on keepin' it real!




You are a funny lady!! Thanks for sharing with us. I think Hugh needs to go away ASAP and not return.


Very funny!! Thanks for the laughs!

Yvonne in So Cal

aww, boo on Hugh! You are so funny Suzy. Such an inspiration girl...you rock!

Bettie Comerford

LOL! I couldn't resist laughing while I was watching your video! That video feature does make you look like monsters… those which are terribly ugly! Haha! I wonder if there's a feat that helps anyone become prettier on the PC aside from photoshop… Hmm.

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