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March 17, 2010



Hi Suzy, the pictures are amazing. BEAUTIFUL. I know you have mentioned the beach at the montage before so I have a question for you: Is there a public parking lot and access area or do you have to go through the resort to get to it? just wondering...


Ha!!! Well, I suppose I better hire some body guards!!!! The pictures are amazing, that new lens is awesome!!!! Chat soon! XOXO!


Ha....I see the troll in the first pic!!

Lisa VanderVeen

GORGEOUS. I love how the new lens caught the halo in the first shot and I love the lighting in the golden glowy ones. GORGEOUS!!!


LOVE those pics!!!!!! Missing the beaches right now!!!! I'm jealous! Saw Abe! LOL!!!!


Love it, time to go to the beach.
Photos are awesome.


this weather is crazy! glad you guys got to enjoy it! did you go back today? it was SO clear today!! we were down at the beach and it was like you could TOUCH catalina. beautiful!

Victoria in Ohio

Aww i miss the California beaches.
I used to live in San Diego and spent several summers at Newport Beach on Balboa Island. We went to dinner one night at Laguna but i never saw the tide pools or the Montage -what a shame- is beautiful!


I am totally in..we can meet there this summer..GREAT beach! but NO BATHING SUIT photos...k?

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