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February 10, 2010


Melanie K.

I would LOVE to win a copy of this issue ... I really need some serious organizing tips!


My favorite tip/trick is to keep my space orderly, so when I scrap, I can find what I need right away! Would love to win the first Tips and Tricks issue...can always use more tips!

Angela F.

I am OCD and like to put things back where they do as soon as I am done using them.

Lisa VanderVeen

Wow. I've never seen you so serious :) I feel like my universe is not quite in place with you that serious... :)


My favorite tip?! Hmmm...there are so many. I'm always drawn to the jars of ribbon organized by color. I just like everything so organized and pretty. Basically the opposite of my scrap space. Can hardly WAIT til it's actually got all the cupboards and drawers its supposed to have so everything has a place. Would LOVE to win this mag. Thanks:)


My favorite tip: every so often - go through a purge! Fresh supplies will motivate and inspire you every time. (Now...ask me if I actually follow my advice - eh, still working on it. ;) )
Thanks for the chance to win!


who IS that girl in the tape?? the suzy i know would never be able to go that long without smiling or laughing! ;)

i have no tips since i no longer seem to scrapbook, and i already have that magazine. but i just wanted to say congratulations on the fabulous video! :D


I'm bad at tips & tricks for organizing. That's why I need to win that mag!

mary t

egads are you serious!! still loved it!!


a clean workspace!


Hmmm....fav tip? I love inking the edges of my photos to make them pop on the page...I know it's old, but I use it all the time!
Amy in CA

Jane S

CK Club sounds exciting. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the video too. Can't imagine you being serious! Jane S

cindy barriga

I loved the revamping of organizational products. This way I use some of my products but liven up my craft nook.

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