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January 21, 2010



Suzy, I sent you an email last night. Will wait for your reply. Thanks!!


this is a CUTE layout! I will be at CHA--I'm getting so EXCITED!! I will be meeting Ms. Laura Vegas for the first time too!--I've been following her blog for a while...Thanks for your fun inspiration!! :)

Brittany B.

I would love pictures of you eating candy from a candy bowl in *every* booth. ;) Or maybe eating an apple with me. :)


Have fun! You will love Laura Vegas...I am lucky to have met her a few times and she is super nice and very sweet! :-) And of course, talented! Can't wait to see your pics!

Megan Renfree

Very cool. I bet you will have fun, I think it would be amazing to go!! Say Hi to Laura, from her kiwi friend Megan, she is such a great person and I know you will have lots of laughs. Likewise to Laura. I would also love to meet her one day as well, but in the meantime remain email pals :o) Good luck for your classes at Scrapbook Oasis, that store is awesome!!


Have a great time!!


oh sweet LORD! You didn't warn me about that!! Remind me to kill you when I see you, 'k?!



Wishing I was able to come hang out with you gals :( Oh well. Maybe next year. Hope you have a fabulous time @ CHA!

liz kartchner

have I told you i love you!?

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