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December 02, 2009



So happy to hear that Suzy didn't break leg....I thought that was coming as I was reading!!!
I think a hot cocoa by the fire at the lodge sounds wonderful!!
Glad you had fun! Btw.....what did you get at the Oasis?
Suzy losing her mind by telling Annie to read blog post for answer!!!
Love the girls jackets btw!! so cute.
Are you in the bathroom or holding up a bank? Kidding!!! :)

Lisa VanderVeen

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I thought you were going to say "Suzy got so tired of skiing that she went to town and bought herself a 4 carat diamond ring for her efforts" :)


This was the funniest post ever. Probably because it could be my family. If you ever want to go to Big Bear and try to learn to ski again I will go with you. I haven't skiied since I was young and skinny. No camera's allowed though and definately no videos!


Holy Cow this made me laugh!!! as a former ski-bunny/ski-instructor, I feel for you! I've lived both near Big Bear and in the Colorado Rockies, so I'm well acquainted with that feeling "I don't remember this being that steep..." So glad you didn't get hurt anywhere but your wallet....there is a reason that skiing is often for the locals and the die-hards. Its not a cheap sport! Me? I'd rather spend all that money on something I can pack in my suitcase to take home!

Donna the hitchhiker

I see a Caribbean bareboat sailing trip in your future!

This was the funniest story. We have all been there in some sort of situation or another.


Oh you nailed it. I grew up skiing, and it was never that complicated...was it? But we took the kids last winter and seriously? Spent way too much just up at Snoqualmie Pass - I've done Whistler and it is beautiful, but super spendy. I am officially a fair-weather skier. And cheap.

Cynthia B.

oh, I'm so sorry you had this experience! We went on a family ski vacation this past spring in Colorado - first time my 7yo daughter skiied. I THINK we'll go back, but we'll be saving our pennies to do so!

Kristi Smith

lol Suzy, that was so funny! But I am sorry, I am sure it was not funny at the time.

I have never went skiing and now I have absolutely no desire to (don't worry, I didn't have any desire to before you posted this)! :)

Lisa M. Pace

I'm so sorry for such an ordeal of a day but my gosh is that funny!

Steph H.

Suzy needs massage and release of saying "I told you so" to Tom! Oh man, I could feel your frustration and exhaustion. BTDT! I hope you have a great time at Big Bear.


Finally! An honest account of skiing - so not my favorite thing to do for all the reasons you wrote about. I was laughing so hard while I read this!! I hope you have all recovered from your trip!

liz a.

oh so true if you are the mama!!! been there, done that! hahahahah! i first learned to ski up in mammoth, belonged to a ski club at dept. of water and power (downtown l.a.) way back when, (35 + years!!)....and last winter the kids insisted mama go skiing after many years of not.....sigh! i made it and my son has the video to prove it! but it was tiring, and not near as much fun as when i was a cutie-pie, single, etc..........and dragging grandchildren along, even more fun! just you wait, girly! think of all that good exercise! now my son thinks we should all ski at yosemite! ack!


i don't mean to laugh at you, but that really is a funny story. i know it wasn't while you were going through it. stick to your relaxing girls day next year! ;) i LOVE the pics on this post. i'm sorry we don't have the shot of you coming down the hill, but i think the girl's faces say it all! :)


Well, next time Tom wants a ski buddy, give us a call! Taylor and I would be there in a NY minute! :) I looooooved skiing in Whistler!

Tracy Blanton

Hi Suzy-
It's Tracy Blanton here, and I am laughing out loud because we moved back to the Seattle area and we are all (all 5 of us) going skiing on Tuesday. MY husband has his heart set on it,too, and has gotten the kids all the gear and lessons to boot. I haven't skied in ten years, I have gear as well and I am anxious about how this is all going to go down. Three kids in ski school, five lift tickets, new gear for all and food, too = $$$ . We are only 40 minutes from the closest ski spot and he is convinced that we are going to zip up there all the time...
Anyway, fun to see you here. We miss OC--Scrapbook Oasis, I love Bagels and our favorite Laguna Niguel but we are happy to be by family. I've had to start ordering kits online because there isn't anything like Oasis here. Hope you are all well!

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