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December 20, 2009



Okay......I am glad to hear you were back and having a date!! Blue Cheese???? I have a great blue cheese dip recipe for you to share too!!!

You better get shopping girl.....the mall was such a zoo today, I turned around and left!!!
Enjoy your cookies.......GO RUSSELL!!!!!!!

Erin Bassett

I love that salad I get it just about every time we're at Wood Ranch...although I have them add chicken to it. Aren't those rolls just to die for!! LOVE them!!


you amaze me every day! ;)

your salad sounds way tasty! you're making me hungry. hope you guys are enjoying christmas vacation.



Ok, next time lunch is at your house and you're making the salad. K?

Very fun night! Looking forward to the next one.

Merry Christmas!!


hey Suzy, I do a salad like that. Try Brianna's New American Salad dressing - yum! I also have added fruit before. Also, if you are in for a YUM, try the salad with fruit, nuts, and the special dressing at cinnamon productions. OMG, I tell ya!


um not ALL your scrappy friends. humpf! ;)

Merry Merry Christmas my dearest Suzy! xoxo


okay, um..the place is about 2 minutes from my house...ut ummmm.....


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