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November 16, 2009


kim harter

love your LO's and your new banner is sweet!!


Hi Suzy, WOW love your new website header. Lovely family photo... looks like you might have a winner for your christmas cards this year and i absolutely love the LO with the santa pictures. What can i say I am a fan. Have a great Thanksgiving! ~ Karen

Lisa VanderVeen

TOTALLY in love w/ the You're a Hoot one. Love the other one too but can't stop looking at the Hoot one. Perfection! You have to email me back and tell me what you think about the email I forwarded to you yesterday :)


Love the LO's of course!! I heard it was snowing in Whistler today!!! :)
Love the banner! Such a cute fam!!!


Love the new photo on your blog. Such a beautiful family. Congrats.


Bella Blvd was totally one of my faves at CHA W last year! Glad you're enjoying them too!

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Love the LO's of course!!


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