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October 17, 2009


Cindy S.

Oh Suzy! I normally just read your blog without commenting but want to tell you THANK YOU for posting your experience with this. The media has me scared out of my mind!! I am SO sorry that Sophie is so sick but I am happy she will be getting better soon. I wish you all speedy recovery (if that is what you are getting).


Hope you all feel better! Do you know how to keep it from coming back and turning into the pneumonia? Do you keep her home for a few days even when the fever ends, just to be safe? Hope it is out of your house real soon!


oh NO!! i'm so sorry you guys have been knocked out like that. i'm pretty sure sarah had it too. fever for several days, the terrible cough, sore throat, and so on... she was out of school over a full week, then through the weekend and another monday. her first grade substitute had it! HA! no one else at home got sick (knock wood). is there anything you need? you can call me anytime - i'd be happy to help you out, groceries, medicines, whatever. just let me know.

hope you're all feeling in tip top shape SOON! <3


oh man!!! Thanks for the checklist of symptoms and prayers for you momma....


THANK YOU for talking about it. It is so good to know what to watch for!!! (And you have updated your blog sooner than I have mine and we don't have swine flu!! :) ) I hope you stay healthy!

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