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September 24, 2009



I say Beetle Juice outfit for sure!!!!!!!!
Oh the 80's.....good times.....that was the 80's right???
As much as you have changed sounds a lot like the Suzy that us blog readers/friends know and love....office pranks have now turned into multiple glasses and adhesive stuck to your face....deep down you are the same!

And by the way, you look great just the way you are....don't want to grow old and look like a scarecrow now do you???
Have fun tonight.

susan weinroth

this is AWESOME suzy!
i love the story of you.
& the hair styles are classic.........
i love that you are so happy now and that you can truly appreciate how far you've come :)


Thanks for sharing your story. Pictures are classic! So happy for you. You are now living your dream. Go ahead. Life is Short and I bet you wouldn't have it any other way.


I absolutely LOVED reading this about you, Suzy! The pictures are great. I am so happy that not only are you living a wonderful life but you are appreciating it!! You are blessed!


i don't think you have changed that much - not in your appearance, anyways! but i dig the suzy that you are today. wild, fun, reckless abandon - sounds good to me! ;) what a great (and insightful) post about you. hope you had a great dinner. i'll bet you looked fabulous! xoxo

dawn rusick

I love you suz then and now! You are my "special" friend. Live your dream!!! xoxo Dawn

...and yes she was center of attention and looked absolutely fabulous!!!

Lisa VanderVeen

LOL this is FANTASTIC. Those pictures!!! I love them :) You looked great then but you look SPECTACULAR now.



You were a cutie patootie back then, now you're just gorgeous (don't think we could be friends).

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