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September 23, 2009



Very interesting! I don't know what an L series lens is...is that the kind with the red line? Have fun on Thursday with your old workers, that sounds like a great time!!
Get the ribs if you go to Costco! Make sure you put plenty of elf embellishments in the Christmas book you are working on!!! I hear elves are all the rage this year!!


Scrapbooker's envy huh? I get it whenever people mention they have printers that print 12x12 pages.
Sounds like a great day to stay in your workout clothes while you can!

Suezi gurzi

you crack me up! I don't answer the door or my phone either but sit on facebook!
thanks for the chuckle! have fun at dinner on thursday. :)

Cindy S.

Oh Suzy! As a SAHM, I SO feel your pain! I do the SAME! Ignore the phone ALL the TIME but chat on MSN constantly.(BTW-I love your blog posts-scrappy related or not-you have a fun sense of humour! TY for sharing it!) Have fun at dinner!

discount coach

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