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September 30, 2009


Lisa VanderVeen

LOL this is HILARIOUS. Another reason plastic bags should be recycled instead of thrown in the trash :) LOL. Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So funny! I loved all the stories today!! Sounds like an awesome day!! Congrats on saving a crows life!!


P.S.....if it weren't date night, we would hunt you down at Claim Jumper and crash your pretzel eating party!!!


oh my gosh - sophie was such a beautiful baby! what a wonderful day for a birthday! :)

and i love that you saved that crow!! didn't we have a conversation about saving all creatures great and small this summer? you rock! ;)

dawn rusick

:) ...you save lives in other ways too! you are a great friend!!! xoxo

Suezi gurzi

Happy birthday Sophie!!! Your Mom makes me laugh everytime I swing by her blog!

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