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July 24, 2009



LOL!!! Those pictures are seriously amazing, of course, I am biased! And the LO's are gorgeous! .....had so much fun with the "Iron Scrapbooker" show.....next time we need to team you up against someone though....Teresa Collins or maybe Heidi Swapp? Have fun on your trip and the check is on it's way....yep, on it's way....now what was that scrap smack blog address again?? Hee Hee!!!


sheesh - i guess i should have come with you guys to the zoo instead of the party we went to. who knew annie was going to get her photos scrapped by a celeb scrapper! :P

love them suzy! hope you guys had a great time - we will definitely join y'all next time! have fun on your trip! :)


well next time i will be sure to show up if you scrap my kids! you make everything look so cute!! although it is hard to make annie's kids not look cute :)

Lisa VanderVeen

This is hysterical. We spent the entire loooooooooong day at Disney today. I totally thought of you and wished I'd let you know we were coming down so we could have met there. Next time?


Tricia Gray

Both of your posts just made me laugh and laugh! I can just picture this fun afternoon! Wish I could have been there (as Annie's former BFF, of course. :) )

cindy tobey

You are a hoot Miss Suzy! Gorgeous pages by the way!


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