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July 21, 2009



I commend you on your attitude. I have read nothing but negative stuff regarding CK and I am tired of it. I am like you that I hope they succeed. They were the first magazine that I bought when I wanted ideas for scrapbooking and I still subscribe to them.


Thanks for sharing your story about making the HOF! I've been a fan of your work for many years and I can see from this GORGEOUS album why you made it - as well as the Dream Team.

And I'm so happy for CK! I love this magazine and hope it never goes away.


That is the most beautiful album and when I think of you, one of the things I think of is the beach!! Perfect!

Hoping CK will ask you back for another run....we need more Suzy inspiration!!!

Lisa VanderVeen

I remember when you made it - loved it then and love it now. I was just reading the Aug. issue today and came across it and said "HEY! I know that project!". Love ya sistah. How are you??? We need to get together before the summer is over. xo.

susan opel

Thanks for being such a talented scrapbooker and great cheerleader for CK, Suzy! :)

Jill Sprott

This is so innovative, not to mention GORGEOUS!


Absolutely incredible!!! I agree, CK is one of my favorite magazines!

Jag Patel

hi suzy...love that CK will still be around...i just started getting the mag at beginning of the year...just LOVE it! Can't wait for it every month..and know i can continue that waiting ritual! and such a innovative way to use calm shells...way amazing and NEATO! thanks for your inspiration! hope to see u at a scrapbook oasis class..when is the next one?

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