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May 07, 2009



I adore you through and through Suzy...it was such a treat to meet you and laugh with you...you were precisely what I needed after a long day and I loved your fun personality...thanks for coming. I hope we get to meet again.


MAN! You partied withOUT me??! And here I was in Cali that weekend, too - the nerve! ;)

miss you, my crazy SWEET friend ;)


Great recap....can't wait to scrap again soon!!! I loved laughing with you guys and so needed a weekend like that!!! You are awesome! Remind me not to wear mascara next time I see you!

Kellie Marsh

Great to meet you last weekend. I will be watching for a class to take from you. I was in the classes and we met and chatted at the check in table, you thought I looked like someone else you knew for a while, remember? Anyway, Thanks for your kind words and the hug over what has been a really difficult event in my life. You Rock.

Thi P.

I was also a Bahama Mama but never introduced myself to you. Jamie and Shannon's class were definately a LOT more quite without you there. I enjoyed your and your friends antics very much, you guys definately livened up the place. And I completely agree without everything you said about Reflections. Above all, I thought all the teachers were very patient and I appreciated that very much. It was a BLAST!!!!


BM's 4 ever... (Bahama Mama's) Suzy, spending more time with you Annie, Laura and Lia was so very memorable in a good way. Loved the laughter, and the projects. Hope we can all catch up again soon for some more good times. Can't wait to see pictures of your completed projects. I am close on one or two.


Would have loved to have been there, Suzy! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I'm so glad. Can't wait to see your finished goodies :D


thank you so so much for stepping away from your box and enjoying it! I had a TON OF FUN with you and am so excited to see photos of your project with your fabulous writing and pictures of your family!!!

cindy tobey

Sounds like you had a blast! Can't wait to see the projects you made! :)


You are the life of the party!! Thank you so much for coming to Reflections. I'll be sure to have some unsalted almonds for you next year! xoxox


That's quite a cast! Sounds like a great event in which to participate OR attend!


suzy - you are so much fun! i am glad that you were able to break out of your shell a bit (LOL) and i am glad you got away. we were lucky to have the time with you and i think you were a joy to be around! xoxo

i'll be looking for your new class at oasis...

see you soon! :)

Suezi gurzi

i have heard about you...
sounds like and looks like a great time. I will be there for sure next year! thanks for the recap.

Jag Patel

i was at reflections..but only the friday night thing...i so looked forward to meeting you..cuz i had just read your article in CK(april 09)...i loved it so much! every time i wanted to do your make and take..the table was packed..and then time just flew by! i hope to see you at future events! thanks for the ideas! glad u enjoyed your time at this event!

Kristi Smith

you do realize when I click on the photo I can see it big? lol You are so funny. You look very cute with all your glasses on.

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