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February 26, 2009



So tempting!!!!! It is such a good one too. I am SO glad that you FINALLY updated your blog. Do you know that I check it everyday to see new inspiration, to see the girls....I know I will never see Thane as he will NOT allow photos of himself, or even Maizey....but no each and every day I am disapointed....until today!!!! I am so excited!!! Newness (a new word) I so miss it there. I miss the cloud cover, I miss the beach, I actually miss rock band...but not enough to purchase it, I miss hot soup with LOTS of bread, I miss garlic fries....I am back to being good, I miss our kids having so much fun together it always amazes me how well they get along, I miss Golden Spoon, but most of all I miss you!!!! Thank you for a fantabulous weekend! We always have the best time together. You are one of a kind and I feel lucky to call you my friend!!!

Kristi Smith

Oh, those girls are too cute! That is so funny!

Sounds like you all had a great time! Send me the photo!!! ;)


First of all, you are right - you need to update more often!
Second, seriously, you post of photo of me smooshing on your boob and there's actually a photo you find more humiliating? Can't be. Post the damn photo! :)


Your girls are too cute! Oh the joy of children. Enjoy every minute Suzy they grow up so fast!!! =)
Looks like you had a fun time with your friends. love those jumping photos! I'm like you I would never get off the ground more then an inch or maybe tow on a good day! Hahaha! I owe you another email. I will soon. I promise! thanks for your never ending friendship! Hugssssss!

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