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January 27, 2009


Lisa VanderVeen

LOL. They weren't ears. They were supposed to be PIGTAILS. Sophie has hung hers on the door of the pantry, after putting them on the cat last night... Smooches. Totally fun 24 hours :)

Nic Howard

There was only ONE thing missing. Just one thing. It was 5 foot 3 and has a cute NZ accent. dammit.Suzy, come pick me up next time. *sigh* You guys had so much fun!

Lisa VanderVeen

I thought I commented, but it disappeared...

Anyway, they're PIGTAILS darlin', not ears. Sophie hung hers on the pantry doorknob, after trying them on the cat... LOL. I had a fab time. Thanks! See you soon :)

Lisa VanderVeen

Okay, now I have 2!! Hi Nicola :) We surely did miss you!!! Please come next year. Please??

Nic Howard

lol ***and the crowd goes wild!**** most missed designer award goes to Nic Howard who wins a 6 inch pair of heels to wear to the NEXT CHA lol.

I wish. I wish! Crack me up.
love you Suzy!

Linda Rodriguez

Awww, love seeing the fun pictures, Suzy!! And hearing about the fab time you had. Darn - I know you were wishing so badly to see Paris...{heeeheee}

Seriously, wish I could have gone!


Hah! No picture of me in your boobs! :)

Great to see you - even if I didn't let you know I was coming! I promise - next time I make it all the way to California, you'll be the first to know! And you won't have to read it on my blog... ;-P


Great pics and love the final assessment (tho I can't agree on the Most Obnoxious Designer nominee).

Stephanie Howell

love love your recap.
it was nice meeting you!!


loool you always look sooo crazy !


Kristi Smith

That looked like a load of fun! You crack me up. Esp. love your photo with Mr. Crayon.

What was Paris Hilton doing there?

And are you talking about Wendy Reed? She cracks me up as well. She was the first person I ever sent Victoria Secret panties to. Sorry, you weren't the first!!! ;)


Dude. you're too much! love you tons!

Account Deleted

great pics! it was nice to finally meet you!!!!!

Susan Weinroth

love love your cha 'awards' and photos....
looks like SO much fun!

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