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December 10, 2008



Oh I do not like rats. Mostly b/c I know they carry diseases and that is so not good. Their dropping are very bad. I know you don't wanna do it but it is best they get killed off.

Love your layouts. No worries I have not started Christmas shopping yet either. I did made my Christmas cards. So that's one thing done. =)

Hope you got my email with the invite to read by blog. I put it back on private. Hugs to you.

Lisa VanderVeen

We had mice in NJ. We had a pest guy who came out quarterly for the mice, spiders and termites. If you think rats are bad, you should see the spiders we had in Jersey... Anyway, the mouse "medicine" they left in the traps did kill them and I was always worried about just what you said - that they would eat it, then crawl away in my house and die. And I think a dead mouse might freak me out more than a live mouse... Anyway, after a few "treatments", the mice told all of their friends (must have told them in their dying breaths) not to come to our house anymore. And, miraculously, the mouse friends didn't come anymore. They must have moved over to our neighbors' houses - aka "the mouse safety zones". So, while a few mice sacrificed their lives, they died honorable deaths to save their brethren. Hope that helps. And your post made me laugh :)


you totally make me laugh with your story!!! i too had a little rodent problem not too long ago -- when we were renovating out kitchen. needless to say some friends came to visit. For me I really did not care if they lived or died but i did not want the smell of a dead rat in my house either. first -- get a regular cardboard box. preferably one that can fit a cage.this is to prevent the rats from eating their way thru the box to get out (i have had hamsters as pets so i had an old cage lying around.) just an fyi: rats are drawn to peanut butter!!! if you put it out they will come! lol!! this is where it gets a little tricky... fold the cardboard box top like you are going to close it but don't...carefully place a couple of slices of bread with lots of peanut butter smothered on top - try to balance them out to make it seem that it is a flat surface. when the rat tries to walk on top of the card board box to get the bread -- the flap will then collapse and said rat will fall into the cage with a treat along with him/her. then you can let the rat out into the wild. let me know if you need any further instructions. i hope this helps. btw: i'm not a total stranger...i've taken a class or two with you at the oasis.
xoxo pj bartholomay [email protected]

kristen thornburg

FYI - the rat poison, which is called Decon, that you could feed those furry lil fellas is coumadin for humans. It's a blood thinner - and when the rats eat it, they basically bleed to death internally. However - if they're not caught within a decent amount of time after death, the mess they leave behind is rather well, messy to say the least. It ain't pretty, I can promise that. Decon can be fatal to your dog - this I happen to be speaking from personal experience. My husband - the expert rodent trapper he is, informed me that the smell is what attracts them, so it would be the same thing for your dog. Evidently, there's a massive infestation at his fire station, and the sickos they are have made catching them a scoring game. Anyways, he says that because the weather is colder they're looking for a place to be warm. I know that I'm rambling and my post is a little random, but I'm a tad high from the muscle relaxer and vicodin those sweet orthopedic dr.'s prescribed me. Anyway - my dog ate it and I was lucky enough to have caught it in time and it required me to induce vomiting in a dog, and daily visits to the vet for Vitamin K shots. And believe you me that can get costly (well worth it for my dog). I think the best bet is to hire a pest control firm and let them handle it. They're trained, and can get your problem under control with just a few visits. What's more, I know you don't want to hurt the rats, but those things breed like rabbits and multiply in hoards. So if you resort to having them exterminated, don't think of it as murder, think of it as an assistance to population control!

Kristi Smith

The comments on here are quite interesting.

I am with you. I don't like to kill little critters. I found a dead baby mouse in my garage last year. :( I thought it was cute.

I have never dealt with rats, don't know anything about them. I am sure Kendra has had plenty experience with mice (she probably hits them with a shovel) but not sure if she has killed any rats lately. ;)

I didn't know that had rats in the OC. lol

Kristi Smith

argh . . . I didn't know they had rats in OC.


LOL! I think it's funny that you and Kristi both thought I could help!

We have the same problem right now. Oh some of the joys of living in the country. I've been instructed by my rat-hating vet husband to buy rat poison tomorrow. He has to deal with any mess left behind so that's what I'll be doing.

Your dream was hysterical!


I´m with you, please don´t kill the rats! They are soooo cute. :)


I think a good option would be to get a cat, one or two rats may die, but odds are they will just leave. Again, you might want to consider allergies and vet expenses for this option.
If it were me, I'd call the exterminators, rats carry many potentially fatal diseases, so it is a matter health, and rats procreate fast.
Good luck

Kristi Smith

Oops forgot to comment on the layouts! Very cute.

And as for the dream, the slug in the glove reminds me of stuff that happens in my dreams.

Jackie Hyland

Suzy this may help. Did you know rats breed in seconds... it takes 21 to 23 days and they have 6-24 baby rats at a time.... SO you can expect to be fully ratted out in just a few months.... Do what you need to do to save your house and your stuff. I figure they have the entire out doors to learn to live in so they need to leave my house and my stuff alone. I don't go get in their stuff or poop on it. ALSO driving down the street the other day I saw this rat just running back and forth like it was crazy and it finally ran up the curve on to the grass towards someone's house.... probably going to give birth....! Good luck

Michelle QUinn

OK, I am sitting here reading this as I'm eatting my dinner and I had to stop. YUCK! Well, maybe you did me a favor because I ate too much this weekend. Ha ha! I think ALi had this problem in her yard a few months back and put up little traps where they ran in and then the door closed and then you could go set them free somewhere. Good luck!

Lynette van Barrelo

You could always walk away playing the flute and throw your leg out to the side on every third step? They may well follow! Just a suggestion...

Kristi Smith

lol at Lynette, that was funny! You should try that.

BTW, Stuart Little either came back to life or he left family behind. :(

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