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October 31, 2008



You look HOT sister ;) Happy Halloween! Thinking of you!

cindy tobey

Wow! Awesome pumpkin carving! You look great as a pirate Suzy, and Sophie is so cute in her outfit!

Kristi Smith

Those pumpkins are awesome! He has a talent!

You are one sexy pirate!

Sophie is adorable.

Lisa VanderVeen

Did he SERIOUSLY carve those??? You are a smokin' hot pirate m'darlin'. And Sophie looks amazing too. Want to see pics of the rest!!!


Oh Gosh.
I just CANNOT believe your husband carved those pumpinks. He really is talented. And you are such a sexy pirate !



Wow, wow, wow - the kids and I are suitably impressed at your husband's pumpkin carving prowess!! I was stumped for a minute on the Joker, but Ryan got it right away. And yes, I have to ditto the others, you are a smokin' hot pirate! ;) And of course, Sophie is adorable as a candy corn; can't wait to see pics of Chloe! You have to check out Emma and Ryan on my blog - Ryan's costume turned out to be hilarious...


Awesome pumpkin carving hubby...and you are one hot pirate Momma!! Hope you all had a great time on Halloween!


Holy moly! Does he do those FREEHAND!? Wow!


suzyyyy - it's november! where are you, girl??! :)

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