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August 15, 2008



You are so good. That Laugh layout is especially fabulous.


Your layouts are stunning !! Love the vibrant happy colors. I tend to gravitate toward more muted colors but these make me want to add more color to them. Thanks for sharing...and inspiring.

Kelly Goree

You blow me away - you're just awesome, my girl! I hope they make you a full-time GG :)


Soooo in love with these! I wish I had your knack for those finishing touches and details!

Shelley Haganman

Great layouts! So fun, bright, and colorful! Shelley


Such gorgeous layouts, my friend! Your work is always so perfect. The colors are amazing, and the finishing touches are wonderful! Great job!

Kristi Smith

u rock.

nuff said.



Your attention to details are amazing! I love your balance of color too.

Sandi N.


Suzy your work is always spectacular. I love every little detail you add to your pages. Simply phenomenal my friend. I so understand about you not wanting summer to be over and have the kids go back to school. I was the same way when my girls were little. Time just flies by too fast. I’m having my own dilemma about having my daughter get married in less then a month. That will feel like a permanent school year with no summer vacation!

Enjoy each and every fleeting moment of the last of your summers days. Just think you can scrap all those fabulous photos you took and go back and relive the moments.

Suzy you are the queen of scrapbooking! I’ve enjoyed all your garden work. You have a scrapping green thumb! :o)

Have a marvelous day. Hugs!


That 'laugh' layout is so fun!! I love the super brigh colors and the extra goofy picture to go with.


Mid-month garden?!?!? I totally forgot Ms. GGG!!!! I didn't realize you did the mid-month too. I hopped on over there and sent a little much deserved lov'in your way!

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