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June 16, 2008



Sounds like you had a very nice Father's Day. Your photos are precious!


Awww, how sweet about both the men in your life!


Suzy those photos are gorgeous. You have some handsome men in your life! =) That is so cute about the stuffed puppy Chloe gave to her Dad. BUT it's even more sweet how he took it with him to church. What an awesome Dad.

Thanks for sharing such precious photos of your family. Hugsssss to you my friend.


so beautiful, suzy - that pic of thane and your dad is amazing (the background looks artifical it's so perfect :))


Hello again Suzy Q. :) Got your message on my blog and I sent you an email with the sites I love about the canon lenses. I hope they are helpful to you. You just need to put that lens on your camera and start playing. It took me a while to get used to it. BUT now I love it. Just play, play, play. =) Have a fantastic day. Hugs to you.

Kristi Smith

The pics are gorgeous!!! Love the one of your dad and Thane.

The ones of Tom are cute too. He looks thinner!

I would have loved to heard your speech. And when you said the dog was thrown . . . I thought maybe he threw it at you when you mentioned he was carrying it. ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

Were there any hurt feelings when Tom threw the dog? How did the dog feel about it? I think it was very cute of him to do that for Chloe.

Yes, Janette is right. You DO have some handsome men in your life!

cindy tobey

Beautiful photos Suzy! It sounds like your guys had a nice day. :)

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