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April 14, 2008


Kristin Hayne

CONGRATULATIONS girl!! I knew this would be your year too!! You are such a kind person and an awesome artist! A true inspiration to me and I am SURE many others!! Have fun with it and enjoy every second of it!! CONGRATS!!


Well deserved! I can't believe you hid this HUGE annoucement in a little link on your blog. I would have been tooting this from the top of a mountain. Contratulations!



Congrats Suzy! I've been reading your blog for awhile and think you're very talented and you definitely deserve this honor!! :)


Once again Congratulations!!!! I am tickled pink for you! HUGSSSSSS!

Lisa M. Pace

It's about dang time! Congrats Suzy. I am thrilled for you! Hugs, Lisa


Congratulations!!! Well deserved!


woo hoo! it's about time - you totally deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so proud of you!!!


How awesome!!! Congratulations! You really deserve this honor and I can't wait to see you in CK!!

Fiona Carter

Huge congratulations Suzie, that is such exciting news. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Lynette van Barrelo

yay! YaY! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

So deserved! and I'm so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you!!!! You rock girlie!

Left you some love on Kristi's blog too!

Kristi Smith

You silly girl . . . "oh, and btw, here is my other CK news". lol

Scream it from the rooftops!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

So happy for you.

wendy vecchi

It's about time...I've been waiting for this!!!!!!
CONGRATS to you!!!!!!!!!


Tracey Locher

Your "other LITTLE CK news..." You crack me up, Suzy! Sooooo happy to see you win this! You know you've been a HOFer to me for YEARS!!! KEEP ROCKING, SUZY!!! CONGRATS!!! :-)


all i can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!

congratulations, suzy! i'm so happy for you - this is a well-deserved accomplishment! :)

Mary Ann

CONGRATS!!!!! You so deserve it!!! Doin the happy dance right along with you.


Congrats again and you are just so humble- love that. Well deserved.


Congratulations Suzy!!!!
I'm so happy for you :D


WOW Suzy! Congratulations! Why are you so modest about something big like that!? You should scream from the top of your lungs - I won I won I won CK HALL OF FAME!
Very well deserved btw...

sue bull

congratulations! you have some gorgeous work, esp your mini albums. 2008 is going to be one to remember for sure.

Alicia Sharp

Congrats! You totally deserve it!!




I love your blog...congrats on your CK Hall of Fame win!!!


Congrats! I have been following your "stuff" for awhile. It always has inspired me on Two Peas when I would search our mini-books and always found projects that you made, that I loved! Then found you through Scrapbook Oasis, and your blog! Continued success and enthusiasm to you Suzy! nancy :)


OMG!!! I just found out over at Freckle Friends....I am SOOOO happy for you!!! You are one of the best scrapbookers and so deserve this!!! Yay for Suzy!! Next year we will be lining up for pictures with YOU at the CK booth!!! Oh wait, I already have pictures with you......will you autograph them??? ;)

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