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March 22, 2008



Wow! You must really want us to make these rolls. You posted it 4 times! They look yummy! I'll be sure to try them.


They sound delightful! MMMM MMMM Yummy Good! Yup Kendra, I think she really wanted us to see this. =) (4 times. lol) Your Puppy is so cute by her Easter basket.


Oh that is funny - I didn't even realize it posted four times! I was having computer problems yesterday and my internet connection kept going down - so I guess it was posting it every time I tried! Fixed it though. I just ate my fourth orange roll for the day. I am going to have to work out so hard tomorrow! suzy

Lynette van Barrelo

Yum. I'm going to try them!


Yummy--these look soo good! Love your puppy with her basket! Mine got into a bag of Skittles that was intended for my son and ended up with a rainbow colored face and bouncing off the wall for hours! hahaa

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