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March 14, 2008



And just how do you expect me to follow THAT?! roflol


LOL - i love your pictorial! that is great - i'm so jealous that tom selleck kissed you. YUM! :) oh, and i TOTALLY get the candy thing. how do you stay so thin??

Lisa M. Pace

This is the best 7 random facts ever. What an interesting person you are. Made me laugh.

Gina Carvallo

I see you are a very talent and also very funny person! I'm another addict to sugar, I love eating candies all day!
Have a great day!


Uh, what Angelia said. You are so funny! And I'm jealous. Tom Selleck? Really?!!

Lynette van Barrelo

You are one crazy spazoid. I love your big hair photo and Uranian or short haired, plucked and tan or with lollies hanging out of your orifices, you look great and I'll bet your legs still look good.

You actually like crickets and larvae???????

?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!? really???????!??!?!?!?

Kristi Smith

THIS WAS THE BEST TAG!!! Great! Too funny! I am so happy you posted a photo of the Newlywed Game so I know what stage to be looking for.

The Halloween costume is hysterical!!!

And . . . I still love you . . . just been busy!!! ;)


yours are soooo much more fun than mine! I wish I had all those photos to go along with my list!


Tom Selleck? You were kissed by Tom Selleck? I'm so jealous! BUT look how cute you are. How could he not kiss you? HMMMMM Tom Selleck eh? So how long did it take before you washed your cheek? LOL

sandy w.

these are so funny and awesome! tfs!

Wendy Vecchi

You ARE a wild woman.
Hey...what's the rest of the Tom Selleck story??
Thanks for playing!


FYI - you may have been kissed by Tom, but I shared smokes (among other things...) with Steven Tyler (as in Aerosmith)!


I loved reading this post!! Really great!!

Lynette van Barrelo

I want to know what Ally's "...other things..." are!


Those were great.........look at Tom checking you out!!!!

Tracey Locher

HOLY COW... these are FANTASTIC! I keep telling you that you are a "SUPERSTAR" (in my best Molly Shannon impression)... I just didn't know you were a TV star, too!!! I'm going to have to come over to see that episode!!! :-)

laura vegas

i get tagged with this same tag over and over again. but your's is hilarious ... the pictures add so much!!! lol! i must try that next time!

Susan Weinroth

i am dying laughing over the newlywed photo... and i totally want to SEE it. i might have to tivo them all until i get it.... awesome. you are the best!


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