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February 26, 2008



wow wonderful pics, as if it's dancing just for the camera :)


These pictures are absolutely incredible!

Lisa M. Pace

Suzy, these photos are incredible. I really like the last two.


Great photos. Glad you are liking your new camera. I am still on a huge learning curve! It's all good though.


You're really doing an amazing job Miss Suzy! I'm proud of you for learning all those buttons!


You're really doing an amazing job Miss Suzy! I'm proud of you for learning all those buttons and dials!

Janette Zomer

WOW those photos are simply gorgeous Miss Suzy Q. GREAT job. I think the new camera loves you. =)

Kristi Smith

Those are great photos. Kendra had already told me that you read that book so I have already ordered it, I should be getting it soon! ;)

I signed up for 3 photography courses at a college in Quincy, but they aren't very advanced courses, wondering if I will learn much.

Great job, glad you like your camera!!!


WOW!! Suzy these pictures are AMAZING!!! They are so crisp. I got the Nikon D80 for Christmas and am still trying to figure it out. (Guess I should read the manual). And thanks for the tip on that book. I think I have it from a tip at AMM!!


Love the fourth one where his hair is blowing in the wind, cool pic! I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and love it, too. Canons are the best as far as I'm concerned!

Lisa M. Pace

Hey Suzy... I am officially tagging you. You can read the rules on my blog. www.lisapace.com

Lynette van Barrelo

I am looking for a new camera. I have the Rebel XT too and last week I had a little play with a Canon 30D. I LOVED IT! Now you say you are happy with the 40D and now I am confused! I suppose it all comes down to the amount of money I'm prepared to spend...

Love #4 the best!


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