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January 02, 2008



Cute pics Suzy Q!!! :) I'm dusting off my treadmill tomorrow! It's time to put it to good use!


Hi Suzy,

Love your pictures. Could you email me what beach that is at or how to get there. We live in So cal too and my youngest daughter would freak if I took her to the beach and she saw that. She loves animals and it would be such a great treat. Thanks Deena

Amy Tangerine

omg- just clicked over here from kim's blog and i am loving these seals!!! Are they always there? they are just sooo cute- and they do have a good life!

Lynette van Barrelo

FYI Suzy!!!

I'll have you know that Martha, the one you pictured first, is very 'figure' conscious. She's actually exfoliating in that photo and she watches everything she eats. Calorie counting is her thing!

Got your wonderful card today! thanks!

Kristi Smith

Those seals look dead, I think they baked in the sun too long!=)

I missed the Biggest Loser! Dang, love that show. I forgot they were starting the couples up.

I will have to think of some goals. Hmmm . . .

erin s.

You were right! That is one of my main goals too....lose the 7 pounds I have been carrying round and just bought 1 pair of bigger pants to accomodate (I don't want to buy more because then I will cave in but I can't handle being vaccum sealed in to pants at all times either!). My other goals are to stay on top of projects that I seem to put off continually around the house as well as get rid of stuff that sits in closet that is never used or even thought of....I think it will help my organization! Well, good luck with your goals everyone!

Lori C

Those are cool photos! Living in upstate NY myself---we don't see seals around here--unless it's at a zoo! Thanks for sharing!

my resolution this year is to be an advocate for my own health! I have been having problems with my back/neck/shoulder since last May---I have been told by MDs that I am just stressed (being a mother of three little ones)--and to take an anti-depressent (which didn't work too well for me--reaction), that I am too high strung, it's all in my head, etc...

Well, 8 months later, and still in tons of pain---I am going in with the BIG GUNS and advocating for MY HEALTH! I know what my body feels, how I 'function', and will find other MDs if I have to! This is nonsense, and I am tired of it!

It is even hard for me to "organize", clean or whatever, let alone scrap very often--so....


New York

Colleen Stearns

Great pics, Suzy!

Happy New Year!


uhm, I've seen you IRL and you look NOTHING like those seals! You have nothing to lose! But I totally love Biggest Loser. It's one of the most inspiring shows. I sooo wanted a woman to win this year! Oh well, the guys do it again. I wonder if there is any way to give the women a handicap. I was so impressed with Julie! Loved her!

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