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January 21, 2008


jessi nagy

fantastic!!! i have every line from elsie, i love her stuff. so fun!
great job! these layouts rock!


Yay you- congrats on the l/o's being published. I really like the second one and great job sewing all those buttons. I think you have more patience than I. Or maybe I get distracted easily. Have a good day!


Wow, I love your layouts!


Congrats. I saw these. When I saw all those buttons I thought the same thing that it must of taken a lot of time to do that. But well worth it.

Kristi Smith

So cute Suzy. I love those photos of Chloe!!!


I can't tell you enough times how cute that dinosaur layout is Suzy! Love both of the layouts. And congrats on the pubs!


Hello Suzy,
Loving both of those yummy layouts! The dinosaur is too cute. AND awe look at little Chloe, she's so sweet and little! Congratulations on the pubs. You rock!

Lynette van Barrelo

Hey! I saw them in the Australian version of CK. I thought about how famous you are! And then I thought about how cool it was that my name is in your side bar. And then I thought about how cool it would be to meet you in October. Then I thought about that photo of you and your friend Ally where she is nestled snugly between your boobies for a hug. Then I thought that I would probably look like Ally 'cept I'd try not to nestle. And then thought I probably shouldn't have said this here given the manner of the blog and its post and then I thought ahhh! Love me or leave me but please don't leave me.

I like both of these layouts but I think the dinosaur one is genius!


Lynette - you seriously crack me up. No wonder Kristi loves you - you are sooooo funny! I can't stop laughing at you and you are completely appropriate!!! suzy

Kristin Hayne

You already KNOW how much I love that dinosaur!! You are sooooo creative! Can I borrow some of your mojo? Pretty please?


love both these layouts...very elsie and awesomely cool

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