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January 15, 2008


Amy Hummel

LOL... love the picture! And such a fun tag! If was fun to read all of those things about you and your dh!


AWE he sounds like a keeper Miss Suzy Q.
Love those shades on him! Have a great day Sunshine!

Lynette van Barrelo

HAAAH! Oh my! You two pashing up doesn't conjure up a pretty picture! Take a photo.

He definitely looks like a super take charge kinda guy in that photo! Noice.


Oh you have got to love a man who can pull off wearing pink! This was fun to read - you are tall- for some reason I would have thought you were 5'5...not sure why I thought that. Have a good week!


Yay! An update! And even though we've "met" I wouldn't have guessed a lot of that! You both are such cute romantics! Flowers on every month! wow.

Kristi Smith

Good one Suzy!!! Love finding out new info. LOL at your large mouth enveloping him. Nice pic sunglasses . . . very masculine;). You are a tall drink of water.

Kristi Smith

I meant "pink".


no brothers, huh? darn.



Hello Suzy! =)


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