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January 06, 2008



As I kept reading, I was waiting for the awful part! I thought you were going to tell us you were in an accident in the storm or that someone broke a bone skiing. Thank goodness it was just an upset tummy and one night of cold - probably gave you good excuses to cuddle close ;). SO glad you are home safe and sound!


Sorry you had a rough trip! Hope you're feeling better! This weather is so goofy in the winter. I don't like to travel myself because of it.
I'm in Chicago and it was -2 degrees this past week, yes, I said negative 2. Today, it was 65 and all the tons of snow we had was melted. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Kristi Smith

Sorry about your weekend. What a bummer. Glad you are feeling better.


Glad you all made it home safe and that you are feeling better.


AWE she looks so sad! The poor thing. I'm sorry it wasn't what you had all hoped for. BUT it's a memory I'm sure you will look back on and laugh one day. I'm sure some things were funny or cute. I hope you feel better now Suzy. Our snow melted and it feels like spring today. I already miss the snow. Have a great day. I will send you pictures soon. I have to decide which ones!

Amy Hummel

Holy cow! That's aweful!!!

We usually only see snow once a year here too. It's when we go to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. But for the last 3 years in a row now... there has been no snow on the mountain. So... alas... no snow. But at least we didn't get stuck in a storm with the flu! Poor thing!

Glad you're some and safe!


Awwww, so sorry about your weekend, I spent mine finishing up the awesome Christmas album from the class I took from you!!!!!

Colleen Stearns

How awful!
Sorry you didn't feel well, and you didn't get to play in the snow. :(

Lynette van Barrelo

Sorry your weekend was so bad... and no snow either!

Why is Chloe hovering what looks like a hole? No wonder she is screaming! What is that?

We don't have holes in Australia... =D


HAHAHA Lynette - you are funny! This is a planter - just no plants in it. She does look like she is about to fall in though! Ally, I guess things could have been much worse - it is all in the perspective! Suzy

Mary Ann

So sorry to hear your trip wasn't "the trip of a lifetime".
I did have to laugh though...
Only here in So. CA would you find such a sweet little girl dressed in a heavy coat, gloves and hat, but still wearing CROCS!
too cute!
Glad all is well now.

Kim Caldwell

Oh goodness Suzy -- I read your email and just had to sigh. We had reservations to go to Big Bear that same weekend (we try to go every year) but canceled them when we heard about the storm. We had just about the same experience a few years ago up there and spent the entire time in our hotel room looking like we were going to kill each other! Big Bear and rain are not a good combination. Glad you made it home safely!

Hugs, Kim

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