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December 20, 2007



HA!! I DID I DID! I thought it was yours but wasn't sure! It was sealed in the store or I woulda openned it up! CONGRATULATIONS SUZY! :D :D :D



congrats to you! you did a beautiful job.

Colleen Stearns

I haven't yet, but now I can't wait to see it! Congrats Suzy! :)

Lisa M. Pace

I'm thrilled for you. I have loved the box and album since the first day I saw it. Congrats!!!


Congrats Suzy! It was Christmas a bit early for you. I will have to go check this out.


Oh wow....how exciting and fun!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous little book!!


Congratulations! What a cute book! Can't wait to get my issue and check it out. Merry Christmas!

Amy Hummel

Super big congrats on making the cover! Like I said before, it's a beautiful project!

Shannon Brouwer

Congrats Suzy!

Angela Christenson

What a nice job you've done with the Elsie products..On the cover, and on your table at home. And I'm admiring the beautiful sunshine and no snow on the ground in the background out your window. You must live in a nice warm area, I'm in Wisconsin.
I am soooooo excited for Elsie, I am seeing more and more of her product line in magazines. Both CK and scrapbooks etc. Now when I go into a store and ask if they have a certian Love, Elsie product in they might be able to say yes or no. instead of WHO! I hate that. But that's my own personal opinion.

If you want sometime maybe you'd like to check out some of the things that I made with the love, elsie line. Just go to my blog http://photography4me.blogspot.com you can also get to my flickr from there which is where most of my work is posted also.

By the way I just got my CK mag in the mail today. YEAH! I cant wait to look at it. My last day of work was today. And I don't go back until Jan 2. So I will have lots of time to do fun crafty things.

I know your probably thinking, OMG! I don't even know this girl, and she's writing a book. hahaha!

Well Merry Christmas! And congrats! Beautiful Job!


How could you not know???!!! That is stinkin' cool - congrats!


Congrats Suzy, you deserve this!!


So happy for you! I know how excited you are. How totally awesome!

Kristi Smith

OHMYGOODNESS!!! And you didn't e-mail me with this news? I can't believe they didn't tell you!!! How cool is that!?!?!? I wonder when it will get here!!! I know someone famous . . . I know someone famous . . . LOL!

I am behind in blog reading, busy like everyone else I guess! So excited for you . . . congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

Mary Ann

So very very cool!! My CK hasn't come yet but I can't wait to see.

Shelley Haganman

Congratulations on your CK cover! I am so excited for you! Your project is awesome and I am so happy for you and Maya Road! Have a Merry Christmas! Shelley


How awesome!!! Congratualtions Suzy Q!!! You rock! You're on fire!!! Way to gooooooooooo!!!!!!! =)


that's the best cover I've seen CK do in a long time!

susan lyons

Wow! Congratulations! That is sooo cool!!

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