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December 18, 2007


Colleen Stearns

What wonderful ideas there are there too! Thanks for the original post, as now I have some more ideas of how my family can be more giving.

Kristi Smith

Congrats Mary Ann and Janette!!! Great ideas everyone!


Congrats girls- I am sure you will love what Suzy does for ya!

Mary Ann

I'm just so excited!!! Thanks so much Suzy!!


Hello Suzy,

Sorry I'm late checking your blog. We were in Cuba when you posted this! It was an awesome time. I have to say that once again the best part was seeing the reaction of the local people when we give them their gifts. Our maid loved us. Every day we would leave little gifts on our pillow for her. The one girl who worked in the main restaurant really captured my heart. She was the sweetest thing with a huge smile. The next morning at breakfast we took her a bag of toys for her little 2 year old boy and nephew along with clothes and soap and toothpaste and Tara had some cute little simple childrens gifts. The look on her face was Christmas for me. I was fighting back the tears so much. So was so happy and excited. The next morning at breakfast I asked her what her child thought of his gifts. She said he was so happy and was playing with them non stop and didn't want to go to sleep. Just simple stuffed animals made his day. She said she was so happy seeing his excitement. Knowing them made me burst with happiness. It's the most awesome feeling in the world. Better then any gift that could be under the tree for me. I still want to go even further and talk my parents into not giving us gifts and buy for family in need instead. We have so much that giving to a family in need would really be the best feeling. Thanks again Suzy. May you have a blessed Christmas. We just got home from friends and I'm having a cup of tea and reading some blogs before bed. It's 12:29 AM so it's Christmas my friend!!! Love ya!

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