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December 05, 2007



Your class looks like so much fun...definitely looks like it was worth the wait!

And the advil pic make me laugh!

Amy Tangerine

so bummed I missed the class- I saw the sample while in the store last month but was out of town. So glad everyone had fun!


Suzy what is with the bottle of advil- were you anticipating a killer headache? lol Looks like a fun class and a really cool store.

Kristi Smith

That is a cool store. Really cute gift Gemma!!!

The cookies LOOK good!!!

Jackie Hyland

It was so much fun... did you see my comment on the Scrapbook Oasis BLOG? I am still on the same page in the kit I was on when I left the class. The kits and color copies are so good I know I will have no problem getting finished... It is of course just finding the time this TIME of year...to finish.... Thanks Suzy.


Suzy, I enjoyed the class so much. It inspired me to do my very first Christmas album. Every page is perfect and beautiful and I can't wait to get all the Christmas photos done this year so I can finish this project. It was so nice to finally meet you in class. You're such a great and talented lady. I admire your style -- cute and fun. Like I said, I hope you can teach another class again at Oasis... maybe a Valentine's/LOVE album. Thanks for posting that photo of me and Lia. It will be remembered for always.


Oh so FUN suzy!!!!
i want to take a class from you!!
but... totally wondering what's with the advil on the cookie tray??


Advil - well, every time I have taught or taken a class, I have a terrible headache half way through it. So I brought advil just in case and thought some students might need it too. I didn't need any this time though because I never got stressed (or maybe it was because I took 2 on the way in the car to prevent the headache from coming on!). Luckily none of the students asked for any either - a good sign I think! suzy

vicki Boutin

Hey Suzy! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!! I would LOVE to take one of your classes!!! Hope to see you at CHA W!!!!


I'm so glad it went well for you Suzy!!! I knew you could do it! LOL @ the Advil!


Hey Suzy Q, That looked like such a fun class. I wish I could have been there! You rock and roll my friend. Love the pic of the advil! Ha! Too funny!

Loretta Reynolds

I loved your class and the project. I needed the break to scrap also! I tried to complete the album yesterday but it is not quite finished but should be soon. Now I have to get out my other decorations!!!

Thanks again for a great class.



THANK YOU SO MUCH for the adorable project AND yummilicious cookies!!

Who goes to a class and comes home with COMPLETE COLOR instructions, a 99% complete book AND TWO new recipes for fabulous cookies?? Soooo much FUN!!!
Hugs! Kris


You ARE tall. I can tell by the angle the photos were taken from! Now I'm imagining being that tall myself... oh yeah... I've even lost a bit of gravity... and girth...

Ok! you can have your body back now... I need some of those "yummilicious" cookies!

Meredith Taylor

I hope hope hope I can take one of your classes one of these days. Pesky 20 states or whatever that sit between us! lol. I'm glad your class went well! Have a fabulous Holiday if we don't get to chat before then! Love to your gorgeous family!

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