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December 26, 2007


Colleen Stearns

What a sweet dog! Is she a cockapoo? I love that innocent look in her eyes. :)

Kristi Smith

Poor Mayzie. T-Bone needs to give her a hug.

Yes, she is a cockapoo Colleen, she has plenty of poo in her.



Mayzie -- I feel for you. My human bought this cute pink box for me the other day. I was so excited and was having so much fun with it. What she didn't tell me was that I would be trapped in it for hours at a time in the car! Merry Christmas to me! :P

Lola (Bekka's cat)


haaaah! I had a great line after Kristi's comment but I shall keep it to myself!

Great photo with that new lens! I got your email. Will reply soon...


Awww poor Mazie! She is a great story teller tho!


Hello Suzy,

Poor little Mazie, she looks so sad. Sammy looks a lot like her. =)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I sent you an email, hope you got it! =)


P.S. What kind of new lens did you get? It sure take a pretty picture! =)

Amy Hummel

That is the cutest picture! Great background blur!!!



Bekka, that is funny!

Janette - I got a 50mm 1.4 - loving it! I'm finally getting crisp indoor shots with no flash and great depth of field. I'll post some new pictures soon! I HAVE noticed that Sammy looks a lot like her - in your latest blog entry! I'll email you back tomorrow! suzy


Poor Mayzie... I can see the sadness in her eyes... My cats are just the same btw. They always feel "left behind" or something like that... When my kids were younger they insisted on having packages for them too! So we ended up with cat treats, a playing mouse, and a new feeding bowl... You gotta love them!

Linda Richter

Hey Mayzie....I'm right there with ya. It's hard for us big 90 pound Golden Retrievers to deal with the holidays, too....too much stuff in my way. But I do love seeing everyone and you know how friendly us Goldens are. It's a curse.... I hear our tree is coming down any day now... Charley

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