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November 09, 2007


Meredith Taylor

Suzy this is such a cute project! I so wish I lived where I could take classes from you! Good Luck on your class!


I will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uber cute book! I'd make one if I were in the area! Oh wait, no I wouldn't - I Jewish!

Ok - but see how cute it is - you made me forget I don't even celebrate Christmas!


ok girlie! these are stinkin' adorable - esp. love the christmas album - and I'm so jealous of all the wonderful pics you have with the girls - just beautiful! :)


Hi,your book is adorable and not to be critical, because i'm sure you already know but the cover has 2006 on it.

Kristi Smith

LOL at Ally!

Very cute Suzy! I love your little houses. How long is the class? I would think that it would take all day to make it!!!

Is it your favorite because Chloe is kissing your mug???



You already know I love this book- I covet one for myself. I definitely know it would take me all day to make it Kristi- I'm a slow scrapper.


Teaching? =D

I would love to do that "most time consuming" page!

Tracey Locher

Looks like another AWESOME class, Suzy!!


Sorry about the 2006 thing, DUH. I saw your book at Oasis today it's adorable and I ordered a kit, since I can't make it that day.


Oh what a gorgeous book! I love the house! I wish I was closer to CA!

Kerri N.

I love your blog! The book you made for Christmas is beautiful. Ynfortanetly, I live in Texas, so I will not be able to come to the class.

Kristi Smith

Where are you???????????

Kristi Smith

Where are you?????????


Such a cute book! I love all of your stuff!

Suzy Plantamura

Hi Kristi - I'm here, just swamped last week. I need to update my posts too. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the book! In the class you will be using 2007 for the tree trunk, but I made mine for last year. I think I might make another for this year! Kristi - the class is scheduled to be four hours, but I'll stay all night if it takes that long. Things move quickly when everything is precut and put together by page. Or so I hope!!! If anyone lives far away - you can buy a kit - they still have a few left! Thanks, suzy


Oh how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I simply love it. How about you come teach that class here in Canada! :) Love your mini albums! YOU rock! Hugs to ya!

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