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September 15, 2007



Uhm, well, since I wouldn't have gone to that movie in the first place, I'd say yeah- you're a bit whack. ;)

Kristi Smith

I have seen a Mr. Bean movie before and I have seen him on TV. Cole has been wanting to go so it, I am glad you thought it was funny. Maybe I will take him.

Cute layout!!!


My kids think Mr Bean is hysterical. I think he is funny but wit is more to my taste of humour. However, I do believe he is an acquired taste but you, my dear, fell hook, line and sinker first up! Even snorted!!!!! Yes, you are whack! and very easily amused! =D

Suzy Plantamura

Kristi - take him! Then you can tell me if I am crazy since I think we have similar sense of humors. Keep in mind, I was a bit unsure myself until the crawfish scene. At that point, I just let go and enjoyed! Lynette, I would have felt better if my kids were laughing as hard as I was! Glad to know he has other stuff out there as I am not a big fan!!! suzy


Oh question were you sleepy? I find I luahg a LOT more when I'm sleepy. I'm sure it was still a good movie. I have only seen him on Tv and he did make me laugh. Have not seen him for many years so I'm not sure if i woudl still find him funny. I think I'm just talking too much now. LOL
ANDDDDDDDD I love the LO! You rock once again!


I've not seen it before Suzy but I have acted like that in a movie theater and embarrassed everyone with me. Ask Kristi. She was there. It was The Garfield Movie when Garfield and Odie were dancing. I could NOT stop laughing! Caelan wanted to crawl under his seat.

Suzy Plantamura

Hey Janette - NO, I was not sleepy. Wish I could blame it on that. I think I just have a wacko sense of humor! Kendra, I think you would like this one as I saw that movie and laughed hard at that scene too. Please go see it so I don't feel alone in my new found love of Mr. Bean! suzy

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