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September 25, 2007



Hi Jordan! You're so pretty! Can't wait to see those layouts Suzy!


Oh Suzy it's nice to see a picture of her. She is so cute and very photogenic. I can see some bright fun layouts in the future! :) So glad to see you back. I missed you. :)


She is beautiful!!! Like the others, I see some fun layouts coming up!!

Kristi Smith

Hey Suzy, great photos. She is beautiful.

Suzy . . . do you have any tattoos we should know about?;)


Tattoo??? Whachu talkn' bout Kristi? (followed by big 'mookajab' pout)
Did Suzy get a tattoo??? Where? What?


OMGosh - so fun to see a photo finally! She's adorable, I want her hair. Wow, soooo young looking. That youthfulness will carry her far! Have fun scrappin'

Suzy Plantamura

No girls - no tatto's on me. Jordan could vouch for that considering how much I freaked when she got her first one! And yes, Jordan has the bestest hair and I love the color and style right now. It changes often!!! How about your girls? Anything you are hiding under those clothes??? suzy

Kristi Smith

just a freckle on my butt cheek . . . or so Lynette says.


Kristi Smith

Lynette must have missed the tattoos, they are pretty.


I DID miss the tattoos! And just now I thought Suzy had changed the photos! ha! Yes! pretty tattoos!

I have one on my belly. When I was 37 my girlfriend and I were out shopping in the city and passed a tattoo parlour. It looked nice and hygienic with white marble and walls so we took it a little further. No one knows its there until I show them. The tattoo artist gave me a chupachup for being brave...=D


SUPER CUTE! i can't believe her wedding wasw almost 2 years ago! WOW does time fly!

Amy Hummel

Those are cute pictures! You're so lucky to have such a fun step daughter!

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