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August 11, 2007


Kristi Smith

These are so cute. Esp. love the top one with all the buttons and those adorable photos.

Sophie is going to be working on the stage or as a newscaster, she has the perfect make-up for it!!!=)


Ooh. I'm lovin the top one with the winter feel. I really like that twist on those papers!

Suzy Plantamura

A newscaster - now that was funny. Must you make me laugh every time you post on my blog? I prefer the first one too - the other one looked better in my mind, but I ruined it with all the gunk along the edges - looked better left plain. Thanks girls! Suzy

Miriam Kaye

love those LOs and photos ;)


love love loveeeeee! (and adored your bio on els' blog! LOL) you're the cutest!


wow!! this is such a pretty lo! love it!


Both Toby & Roxie layouts are sweet. I really liked how you used Love, Elsie and kept the photos the main center of attention.

Jaclyn Venter

This is beautiful. You are so talented! I absolutely love this line! I will be scraplifting your idea! I love the buttons!!!!


I think I forgot to tell you how much I love this layout. ; )


I love the circle with all the buttons around it! And the colors are yummee too!


PS I hope you don't mind me coming back, after I teased you with your pelican... hehehe


I teased you about your pelican too... but I have no conscience! ha!
I love the colours and those photos are just adorable!

WTG Suzy!!!!


Hi Suzy this is smokin HOT! Loving the bright colours and all those yummy buttons! You go girl!!! Go Suzy, go Suzy!


I love your scrapbook pages...you really do have a special knack for this hobby!! I'm impressed...I especially like your Love, Elsie pages...actually, they ALL rock!!! :-) And what a beautiful family you have... ~Cathy

Kristi Smith

Where did the other layout go??? Everyone is going to think I am insane!!! Here I have been gone and you haven't even posted a new blog entry. You are slacking!!! And you even changed the date on the top!!!

Did you miss me? =)


Cute page!!! I just bought some of that stuff. I love the color combo too. :)

I really like that you journaled on the photo, and put the title on her hat. So cool!!


this is seriously amazing. i just really love this. the buttons, the pictures, the colors - it's just so cute and so YOU! :)

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