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August 22, 2007


Kristi Smith

Those are so funny!!! Tell Sophie that she did a good job!!! Although I posted my sock monkey, not stock monkey!=) I wish I had a monkey that had some stock! LOL!

I can't decide which one is my favorite photo, I like him in the pickle jar and doing the splits on the toilet!

Did you use a booger or a glue dot to get the M & M to stay on the monkey? (That is a question Candice Cook would ask)=)

Suzy Plantamura

A glue dot - not a booger! How did you know? Very funny - from one scrapbooker to another! I think I like him best putting out his dinner fire. We had lots more ideas, but enough is enough is enough!!!

Kristi Smith

Oh, I thought he was humping the extinguisher. LOL! Maybe only dogs do that. Yes, T-Bone does do that sometimes. Oh, and Sophie, if you are reading this, humping means hugging!=)

Curious George

Cute monkey.


LOL... Oh Kristi you are nuts. I never knew humping means hugging. Hmmm maybe that's why Sammy get so jealous when Bryan hugs me! LOL oh wait that doesn't sound good. *gasp* BUT he sure doesn't like it. He wants all my attention.

Love those pics Suzy Q. Tell Sophie she had some fabulous photo ideas. Very cute.

I saw my Mom tonight and forgot to ask her if she still had that sock monkey she made years ago.

George of the Jungle

Hey monkey watch out for that treeeeeeeee!


Hihi those pics are too funny! I adore the one of the monkey in splits on the toilet seat... That was a good laugh to begin my day with!


Suzy, I hope you took the photos of Mr. Monkey in your kitchen before you took the toilet shot.


What cute pictures!

Kristi Smith

LOL Janette. T-Bone does not like when we hug either. How about you Suzy? Maybe it is just a male dog thing.

Kendra, we all know Suzy doesn't like to clean now and Sophie helped take the photos, so I bet the toilet shot was probably one of the first ones taken. The toilet looks pretty clean though;).

I want to know if you turned the mayo, ketchup, and OJ to have the labels facing forward??? If they already were like that, then I don't believe you aren't a neat freak!=) Donna, where are you when I need you? I told her to come look at this silly monkey. =)

Kristi Smith

Oh, and I meant does Mayzie get mad when you hug Tom . . . not do you get mad when I hug Matt (look at me first line)! LOL!

Suzy Plantamura

I took these photos in the exact order you see here - kitchen came first! And yes, Kristi - I did move some items and turn some items in the fridge. I just cleaned it out though, so it is very neat. No, Tom gets made when I hug Mayzie. haha - I have not noticed any jealousy between husband and dog - no. Must be a boy dog thing.

Meredith Taylor

Those photos are so cute! I'm so excited, while going through all the clothes for the garage sale I found a TON of big thermal hunting socks that are so begging to be made into sock monkeys!

Patti Hutchinson

OMGOSH!! You are NUTS!!! I don't know which is funnier...the one humping the fire extinguisher or peeing in the toilet!! I gotta git me a sock monkey!!!

Love ya girl!!!

Suzy Plantamura

You girls are funny - very very funny. My monkey is trying to spray the fire hydrant as a fire he created while cooking dinner. ???Where are your minds??? Meredith - if you dare to come back and read this again, check out Kristi's blog (link on right side under friends) - she has hand made ones on hers. Yes, Patty, I am nuts. No question about it. suzy


This is adorable! I love that cute little monkey and his "day in the life of" pics!!! Awesome!
-Jenni from AMM


OMGosh! This is a hoot! The photos had me rolling but then the comments had me crying! Too funny Suzy!


Suzy~I don't know which is crazier...you or Kristi but you both are just plain crazy...I can't imagine what it is like when you get together!!! Love the pics!!! Come visit my blog I have a pic for you;)


man, that monkey really gets around! ;)


this is the best thing i have seen all week.
i cant decide which is my fave...
on one hand i love the sock monkey cooking with minced onions... and then i keep scrolling and nearly fall off my chair laughing from the sock monkey hugging the fire extinguisher.... :)

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