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August 13, 2007


Kristi Smith

I am dying to see the toilet!!!=)

What the heck does Zelda have on??? Nice tiara . . . is it yours???

I think you straightened up before these photos were taken or you are a neat freak and you staged a few items out of place so we all wouldn't think you were perfect. LOL!


Zelda is a cutie=) I will have to send you a pic of my corgi-beagle mix Toby!! T-Bone and Mayzie look great together, now Zelda won't be a third wheel!

Kristi Smith

Does Vicki realize Zelda is not a real dog?

Suzy Plantamura

HHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Don't scare poor Vicki off - I don't have many friends on here! And don't tell me ZELDA is not a real dog again or I will need therapy (isn't that the comment that made us meet in the first place???!!!)...

Suzy Plantamura

I can never say all my thoughts in one post - or maybe I am trying to increase my comments??? I DID NOT CLEAN UP ANYTHING FOR THESE PHOTOS! They are a mess and exactly as we really live. I am very organized (see ribbon jars), but also very messy (see mustard and cereal boxes and desk top!). Now love me for who I am please!

Kristi Smith

LOL, yes I do believe you mentioned you needed therapy and I agreed! LOL! I will have to go back and look though. I saw on Kendra's blog where you said you sent me the first e-mail BUT I started the friendship by writing silly comments on your layouts!!!=)

And if you are messy, that makes me love you even more=).

Chris Richardson/Justin wannabe

Suzy is bringing Sexyback (Yeah), those other scrappers don't know how to react.

Kristi Smith

Just helping increase those comments. =)


Miss Suzy clean up that house. You are being naughty! Oh and last night you went to bed too late. I know when you are not sleeping. Don't you dare post that dirty toilet picture. It's nasty. Now be good. Love, Santa.

Mrs. Claus

Stop spying on Suzy or I am taking down the mistletoe!!!

Suzy Plantamura

Kristi, yes you left me comments on layouts, but starting a friendship - I still think that goes to me for the first email - let's arm wrestle for it!

Chris, you are HOT I say, but too young for me and for some reason I have never crushed on you, so move on please...

Santa, why don't you come on over to my place when I stay up late tonight and I'll show you how naughty I can be!

Mrs. Claus - get lost and don't come back. And take your sorry mistletoe with you!


Santa now wants to find out more about a naughty Suzy. =D Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus. =)


PHEW! I had to come and see if Zelda was real or not!

I love your blue room with that gorgeous wall border!


You know, I'm not really sure what's more interesting to read - your actual blog posts or the comments afterward! :-P

Suzy Plantamura

HAHAHA Ally - that was funny! I was kind of hoping no one read the blog posts. Let's clean things up Santa! suzy


Me clean things up? YOU are the one who wanted to show me what a naughty girl you can be. Ho, Ho, Ho =D
Love, Santa


I like pictures from a kids point of view. So honest.

Kristi Smith

You do realize that I am not Santa. I was Mrs. Claus but I am not sure who Santa is. Is it Janette?


Ho Ho Ho! Santa is the one and ONLY Santa.

The Grinch

Santa, we haven't even had Halloween yet. Go back to the North Pole and keep Mrs. Claus warm.

Suzy Plantamura

Yes McCookie - that is true, which is why I don't post pictures of me my children take!

Kristi, you don't know who Santa is? Shame on you! I hope you don't tell poor little Cole that!

The Grinch? Hmmmm...no clue on this one!



Go back to Grinchville Mr Grinch. Mrs Claus is always hot. She is married to me! :) Who needs Halloween when you can have Christmas? Don't get new toys for halloween only a huge dentist bill.
Ho, Ho, HO!
Hugs for my Suzy, Love Santa.

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