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August 03, 2007


Kristi Smith

A metro-sexual is a guy that cares about his appearance a little more than the "normal" guy.

You have to watch Will Farrell on SNL, Saturday Night Live, to get "more cowbells", although if you would have read Keri's blog since I sent you the link the other day, you would see why McCookie commented about "more cowbells".

You can't ever have too many friends!!!=)

Stay up for a minute I have a scrapbooking question headed your way!!!


hi suzi! i'm really not a crazy stalker...but i do know one. named kristi. and she sent me to your blog. and like you cute california house. (esp the white entertainment center. fabulous.) and no, i don't always write in incomplete sentences....


I'm REALLY late to the party. But you will find that that is normal for me. Cute house! I'm feeling a bit guilty over my messy house right about now.

By the way, KRISTI SENT ME!


What a beautiful home! Nice Pelican! Oh and Kristi sent me! :)

Leslie Ashe

HI Suzy!! Wow, I LOVE your blog :)
I must tell you a very silly girl sent me your way...you might know her? I think her name is...wait, let me see if I can remember it just right. OH yeah, Kristi! Smith I think. Wait maybe it was Smith, Kristi? Anyway...just wanted to say HI! I'm Leslie by the way :)

Leslie Ashe

OMGOSH wait...I am looking back at your pics and I'm not really a stalker or anything (but I think that Kristi girl MIGHT be??? ;) ) ANYWAY...your pelican doll ROCKS my socks!

Jane Buck

Wow . . . can you believe all these comments?

I have heard that Kristi Smith is really nice. You are lucky to have her as a friend. I would worship the ground she walks on if I were you.



Ooh ~ lovin the pics of your house. SO CUTE! I didn't know you were so close to the beach. Beautiful view! Now I wanna see the kitchen and your scrap space. :)

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