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August 03, 2007


Kristi Smith

Where the heck is the kitchen and the outside??!!??!! 2 rooms . . . that is all I get after months of asking to see your house? They are very cute. Your formal living room is very formal, thanks for vacuuming the carpet for me though.

Yes, you need to put something over your naked spot!=) I don't believe you don't have a family photo as I have seen lots of them!!!

Where's the leopard print bikini?

Kristi Smith

Okay, that last photo did know show up when I looked earlier!!! I can't see the ocean, I don't believe you, pretty sunset though!=)

Kristi Smith

And I would appreciate a photo of a junk drawer, that would be nice!

Suzy Plantamura

MORE LATER I SAID!!! I would have to clean the kitchen for you and that is a bit too much work - tomorrow I will do it. Tired now. I'll put on my leopard print bikini and wash the dishes up first thing. I did not vacuum for you - that was our house cleaner three days ago. In three days we have totaled the rest of the house the messy people that we are. Yard too? OK!!!

Suzy Plantamura

THE BLUE BETWEEN THE BLACK AND THE SKY IS THE OCEAN! Don't you know what an ocean looks like? Ok, I'll take one in the day time and put a big arrow on it for you next time!!!

Kristi Smith

Is that a real pelican on your mantel??? =)

Kristi Smith

It looks gray instead of blue to me. Am I annoying you yet? I am trying really hard!

Suzy Plantamura

Yeah, he just flys in, sits on his post, poops and exits each hour. ???????? You need to come for a visit. Clearly. Soon?

Suzy Plantamura

IT'S GRAY AT NIGHT - NIGHT - SUNSET - NIGHT - DARK GRAY BLUE - NIGHT TIME IS SETTING. You seriously need to come visit (so I can choke you) (I mean because I love you).

Kristi Smith

Are there lurkers reading what we are writing to each other, wondering why you let that pelican poop on your mantel?

Clearly, I need to come and sit and drink some red Kool-Aid on that white sofa.

And who is the hot babe perched above the TV???

Suzy Plantamura

I hope not! They would think we are insane (which we are) (slightly). That is so funny about the babe over the TV as I almost mentioned her, but decided you couldn't see her well enough in the photo to point her out. I figured I'd take a close up of her later. I bought her and my husband hates her! He continually threatens to destroy her or find her a new home and I won't hear of it. She is my favorite decoration and cost me $85! Do you like her too??? Suzy

Kristi Smith

I need to see her up close. $85 is a lot of scrapping supplies.

For $85, she should dance or something. Maybe even turn on the TV.

Kristi Smith

Wow, look we already got you up to 12 comments!!! This will be 13. Lots of lurkers will just look at the blog entry and won't go to the comments . . . so they won't know it is just you and me! LOL!

Suzy Plantamura

Well, I guess I will finally look popular like you are. You must get 20-30 on every post. How do I get that many friends???

Kristi Smith

I wrote something on here and then deleted it. But I had a good answer. LOL!

If you build friendships, they will come!

Hee-hee. There's a play on a quote from my hubby's favorite movie of all time!

I guarantee you have way more lurkers than I do reading this and they are scared to leave you a comment. Your beauty and talent intimidates them. LOL! Now nobody will respond because I have creeped them out!

If somebody is reading this would you at least say "Hi!" and maybe Suzy will send you that pooping pelican from her mantel or maybe her way overpriced doll that is perched above her TV.



Yep! I'm a lurker and I'm scared and intimidated. Kristi sent me. Nice pooping pelican. Cute expensive doll. Nice house. I'd still like to see something like a messy closet or bedroom...

If Kristi goes to your house to visit, she'll have to take T-bone just so he can do his thing on your white couch. Move over Maisy! Who knows... you two could become grandmothers together with cute little brown/white puppies =D


Hey... I'm a lurker too but wow I love your pelican! Wished I had one on my mantel but unfortunately I don't have a mantel... hehe. Sorry Suzy, Kristi sent me here! I love your family room, it looks really comfy with the big couches! And hey you have another comment!!!


Hey Suzy=) Just wanted to stop by and ask WHERE did you find that pelican? It is fantastic and I want one!! I wish I had a sunset like that to look at every night! I was extremely jealous when you said "cleaner"...I want one but my husband doesn't think that it's necessary!!! bummer...
p.s. Kristi sent me ;)


Hi Suzy Q! Love your house. Love the pelican, no really I do. Don't listen to Kristi! =D My hubby wants your TV. =) You know men and there TV. I would not care if we didn't have one. Love your view of the ocean. I can see it, and it's a beautiful sunset to go along with it. We live a few minutes from the Lake and I like to take pics of the sunset. On a clear night we can see Toronto over the lake.

The doll is adorable! Don't listen to your hubby, men just don't know what's cool and what's not! Us woman know it all! =D

Have a GREAT day. Make sure you come visit our blogs and we can all be blog friends! Not just YOU and KRISTI! =) xoxox

P.S. You know Kristi sent me here! ~Waves to Kristi!~ Hugsssssssssss to both of you. I like to hug. Did you now that? Kristi and I hug real well! :)


Thats because Kristi fits nicely between Janette's boobies just like Ally does with Suzy's. LOL!

That pooping pelican is awesome...


BTW... You know how we all think that a scrapbooker's house will look just like their scrapbooking style? and then when we see their house we kind of get a surprise because its nothing like we expected?


Me neither...


Would I make you all jealous if I told you that I've seen that house IN PERSON? :) Oh, not sure about seeing the ocean though - I didn't see no stinkin ocean and I was standing right there in the backyard. I could however pretty much see the St Regis hotel...

Suzy Plantamura

Much to say to all of your friends Kristi - thank you for sending them - I feel loved (ok, maybe not)...

ALLY - I didn't invite you into my bedroom, so how would you have seen this view? You can also see the ocean from said backyard, but it was a cloudy day. And only YOU know how messy my house really is.

Lynette - what are you trying to say about my scrapbooking style OR my house??? I would love to have our two dogs cohabitate and procreate - but leave the poop at home.

Kristi - thank you for sending your friends. Still no lurkers writing to me though...

Janette - you are just plain sweet, so yes, I would like a hug. I'll come visit - assuming their is a link on Kristi's blog.


I'm late to the party. Cute house. It looks like it could be in a magazine. I need to check out your layouts because I don't know what your scrapbooking style is. By the way, Kristi sent me.


hi Suzy, yes Kristi sent me lol. Love your house and your style. just love that beachy theme plus the punch of red very noice. i have to say my favourites are the candle holders. nice to look at and smell nice also. hope you don't mind the invasion, always wondered if you had a blog :o)

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